Before You Buy Natural Supplements

January 7, 2014 Posted by Arnold

029 Natural SupplementsTrue, our health is our wealth that can never be taken away from us by anyone. After everything has been stolen away from us, it is the one thing that will never be taken, unless we really take care of ourselves and maintain our good health. We do not want to spend the rest of lives lying in bed, sick. Rather we wanted to spend our days enjoying every minute, getting the best out of life. Because of this reason, when we are sick, want to lose weight and the like, or just a part of one’s health routine, we resolve to a lot of things and ways. We exercise, we cut the amount of food we intake, we are conscious to the amount of calories our body takes, and we even resolves to taking different kinds of supplements to cure diseases, to loss unwanted fats, and so on.

These ways can be pretty good and effective, one can say. However, there can also be downsides to it, especially to the latter, taking supplements. Sure supplements can be pretty effective, for one on losing weights when it is partnered up with the right diet, lifestyle, and plenty of exercise. However, when it comes to buying natural supplements, one must always be cautious.


Know the facts

Just because the packaging of the product says it is effective for losing weight or it is effective for curing diabetes and high blood, for that matter, does not mean that it is really effective. You must always know the facts about these things. Look at the scientific findings and even the information about your sickness or any condition you are in for that matter or you can also call the manufacturer first. There are plenty of ways to know how these days. There are plenty of sources of information nowadays. There are the internet, the books, the media, and so on. Also, know your condition first. Avoid taking in supplements especially if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, taking prescriptions or any medications, having a surgery, and or so on. Always know the facts first before buying and taking in supplements. Just because it says it is natural does not mean it can do no harm.


Always be wary of new products

Tendency is we get too excited when new products that can definitely solve our problem enter the market.  Sometimes, because someone told us it is effective, we try it too, even if we do not even know personally the person who told us. It is hard to choose what to buy these days especially if our health is at stake. Be careful when it comes to new products, some may not even have enough researches or studies to back up what it says can do.


Ask the experts

When it comes to medical products, vitamins and natural supplements for that matter, it is important to ask your doctor or any medical experts first. Some of these natural supplements may have side effects that can be pretty serious.

Top Three Effective Natural Supplements

December 2, 2013 Posted by Arnold

Nowadays, there are a lot of food and health supplements in the market. Most of these promise numerous health benefits to our body such as disease treatment and weight loss. However, there are just too many of these supplements that we do not know any more if they are hoax or truly effective. To be safe, it is best to take natural supplements. There are a lot of herbal or natural supplements that cause greater benefits to our body. Some of these are listed below.128 Natural Supplements

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a plant that we often take for granted. Perhaps, it is because we are not aware of the many health benefits it brings to our body. The liquid in its leaves contain high nutritional and fiber content. It can be used externally. It is most commonly used to treat burns, sunburns, and other skin problems. Nowadays, natural juice cleansing has been in trend as the new way of dieting. With this also come Aloe Vera juices. It is known to aid in weight loss. Moreover, it improves the blood circulation, food digestion, and immune system. Also, studies have shown that an Aloe Vera helps the body adapt to its external environment and fight off illnesses.



Chamomile flowers have been used for a very long time. They have been used for teas. It has also been used as an aromatherapy. Actually, chamomile offers more than just that. It has been found to have numerous health benefits. It has been proven through studies that chamomile helps in treating diabetes, relieve stomachache, and fights off cancer. It also has anti-inflammatory properties which makes it good for the skin. Chamomile even helps in making you sleep better and longer. It is also used as a treatment for hemorrhoids, asthma, and other diseases.


Gingko Biloba

Gingko Biloba is a tree and it is one of the oldest known trees that existed on earth. It is also known as the Maidenhair Tree and called as a living fossil. Amazingly, Gingko Biloba trees can live for a thousand of years. These trees have been found to contain flavonoids and terpenoids which are all beneficial to our health. Usually, Gingko Biloba is used to enhance memory problems like Dementia and Alzheimer’s. The use of Gingko Biloba has been proven to improve thinking, boost memory, and develop social behavior. It can also be good for vertigo and other diseases that reduce the flow of blood in the brain. It has also been used in treating glaucoma and macular degeneration.

What Are The Benefits Of Health Supplements?

October 28, 2013 Posted by Arnold

Health supplements are beneficial to our body. But we should remember that supplements are additional source of nutrients only. Before we take supplements we should think food first. When we say food, we mean real and whole foods. Real foods are the primary source of vitamins and minerals that our body needed. Supplements on the other hand, acts as a back up only for the lacking nutrient in our body. Supplements are substances that you eat or drink and they can be minerals, vitamins, herbs or amino acids. These supplements can be in form of a pill, tablet, liquid or capsule.


030 Benefits of supplementsThough supplements are less important than real foods, they still have many benefits. Supplements are not considered as substitute for real foods. However, they can be a crucial source for some nutrients lacking in the body. As mentioned earlier, the most common type of supplements are vitamins and minerals. There are certain supplements that are capable of balancing the nutrient content of our body. Let us take a pregnant woman as an example, women who are pregnant needs certain vitamins and minerals like folic acid which is higher than normal. They should take prenatal vitamins or supplements like iron in order to cope with the body’s need. There is also a study that shows women who are taking supplements for calcium and vitamin D have higher bone density and have lower risk to fractures during postmenopausal period.

Supplements are also essential to adults aging 50 and above. They have higher need for vitamin B-12 and multivitamins is a good source. Health supplements help improve your body’s immune system. Research shows that people who are taking health supplements have lower risks from getting sicknesses like cold and fever. Studies also show that people taking right supplements are less likely to develop illnesses related to nutrient deficiency and may contribute to chronic conditions.

Taking health supplements to back up your food intake will help you treat diseases faster. Historically, herbal supplements have been proven to ease pain, and acts as stimulants or relaxants. Vitamins and minerals also contain higher antioxidants that help the body to protect against the effects of free radicals. There are also supplements that are rich with essential nutrients like fatty acid and omega-3.

In order o enjoy the benefits of these supplement, it is important that you are taking the right one. Seek an expert’s advice.

Out in the market are many brands of health supplements. So be careful in choosing a supplement. Remember that supplements are not required for Food and Drug Association approval or certification.

Top Four Essential Nutrients Needed During Pregnancy

October 10, 2013 Posted by Arnold

196 Pregnancy SupplementsWhen you are carrying a child, everything changes. You must not only consider your health but also the health of your baby. That is why it is need for you to eat lots of fruits and vegetables to provide you with the necessary nutrients you need. From the food you eat, you also pass on vitamins and nutritional substances to your baby. As a mother, you surely want the best for your child. And, that includes a healthy body.

During pregnancy, your body becomes sensitive to a lot of things. You may feel physical and emotional changes. Your husband may be strict on your diet to ensure your child’s health and yours too. You may not be allowed to put on make-up or nail polish because of the chemicals that may harm the health of your unborn child. You may also have cravings or food you do not want to eat at all. Basically, it all revolves on protecting your child’s health and assuring that he or she gets enough nutrients from his or her mother.

Pregnancy supplements are necessary for pregnant women who do not produce or consume enough nutrients for their child. As future mothers, you should know what the top supplements you need to aid in the development of your baby.



Calcium is known for its health effects on the body’s bones. It helps the mothers to develop stronger bones during pregnancy. The calcium is also very essential in the skeletal development of the baby. It helps in forming and strengthening the teeth and the bones of the baby. The fetus uses the calcium from the mother’s bones. Usually during pregnancy, women need 1,000 milligrams of calcium and 1,300 milligrams for women aging 18 and below.



Magnesium is usually taken with calcium to prevent heart spasms. Magnesium, similar to calcium, helps in the bone development of the child. Insufficient magnesium for the baby may lead to birth defects, prematurity, and infant mortality. A pregnant woman needs about 350 milligrams of magnesium a day.



Folate or folic acid is important in avoiding neural tube defect. Neural tube defect is the condition wherein the brain and the spinal cord of the baby do not develop fully or may lead to complications. You need 400 micrograms of folic acid in a day during pregnancy to be consumed a month before pregnancy.



Iodine is also helpful in the fetus’ growth and development especially the nervous system. When the baby does not have enough iodine, he or she may develop goiter, mental retardation, and other iodine deficiency disorders. A pregnant woman needs a daily amount of 220 micrograms of iodine, one the important pregnancy supplements.

The Right Supplements To Take Before Exercising

September 24, 2013 Posted by Arnold

121 what supplements do I take before I work outRight now, there are a lot of pills in the market that claim to make exercise more effective. Some even promise the consumers unrealistic results with just minimal workout. For those people who exercise at an intense rate, they need the aid of a supplement before and after their workout. You make ask yourself, “What supplements do I take before I work out”. Without sufficient knowledge of how these supplements should be used, the dosages and timing you have used might harm your health with its side effects. It is important to take the right supplements for your workout.

Bodybuilding supplements are used to enhance strength and endurance while working out. It helps in achieving your target body weight and body structure. It can be used to replaced meals or as an addition to your dietary snacks. They come in powder and pill form. Some need to be taken regularly in a day.

Who takes these supplements? Most commonly, these are taken by bodybuilders and athletes. But, they are used by health buffs nowadays.  It is widely promoted in the market making it more accessible to anyone. What supplements do I take before I work out is a question many have in mind right now.


Calcium Supplements

Taking calcium supplement before a physical activity helps improve muscular force and helps the bones to adjust to the exercise. It also helps the blood levels to stabilize during the work out session. Intense workouts especially weightlifting causes the muscle tissue’s pH level to decrease. This, in turn, affects the body’s ability to release calcium. The density of our bones weakens in strenuous exercise routines. Consequently, a considerable amount of calcium is released out of our body every time we sweat a lot. Calcium supplement can be taken either before or after workout. About 500 to 1,000 milligrams of calcium is recommended for men.



Taurine helps in the contraction of the muscle. When the muscles of the body do not contract well, the strength and performance during a workout deteriorates. Experts recommend Taurine to be consumed before the training with a dosage of 1 to 2 grams.



Creatine enhances the workout routine through boosting the energy of the user. It also increases muscle strength leading to the growth of lean muscles. If you are looking for a supplement to boost your strength and energy, then you should add Creatine in your pre-workout supplements. The recommended dosage for Creatine is 3 to 5 grams daily to be mixed with water.

For a supplement to take its effects, it must be used properly as advised to you by a medical expert. The abuse of these supplements can cause harmful side effects to your body. There are a lot of supplement in the market right now. So, be a wise consumer and pick the supplement that is right for you.

Choosing The Right Supplement For You

August 27, 2013 Posted by Arnold

132 How to find the Right supplements for youA lot of dieters have experienced failure whenever they try a certain supplement or diet pill and they tend to blame the product because of the malfunction and disappointment it gave to them. But sometimes, there are things that are not compatible for our body since we have different types of health. So before on proceeding into something such as dieting, you really need to know the type of supplement that suits you. You should learn How to find the right supplements for you in order for you to have positive results. Here are some simple tips that you can follow in order you to find the right supplement.

Dietary supplements contain different kinds of substance such as vitamins and minerals, fiber and other familiar substances that can be found on the label of the supplement. In this case, you should know the substances that are not good for you body and avoid the supplement if you have seen one of it. In this way, you can sort out what kind of supplement is right for you.

There are plenty of risks when you are taking a supplement. Besides from the experience that it is not effective, you might also experience some side effects that can give a negative result in your body. Besides from these substances there are also some chemicals that can be contained in the supplement. Some people are allergic to some substances or some chemicals so you really need to see a doctor before rushing into a diet.

Do not be amazed by the labels of the supplements. Since a lot of people are interested of the product because of its packaging or anything else that includes marketing, you really need to be careful in choosing what kind of supplement. It is not also a good idea to compare the prices of each supplement since cheap supplements sometimes not approved by any medical researchers. Do not be fooled by the brand lines which sometimes say “100% effective” or “No Side Effects”. These are just some of the marketing strategy that they use in order for them to have enormous sales.

The effectiveness of the product depends on your body. There might be some ingredients that are not accepted by your body which makes it ineffective for your weight loss. So you better know how to choose the right supplement for you to be successful in your diet.

Major Advantages Of Using Lifestyle Supplements

July 29, 2013 Posted by Arnold

125 Lifestyle SupplementsHaving a healthy and fit body is very important because we want to be productive and efficient in our activities. Plus, the saying health is wealth is something that we should never forget. If we are healthy we can avoid those serious diseases and illnesses that could cost us a lot when we go to hospitals for checkups and examinations. This is why we practice good health habits such as exercising and eating a balanced diet. These two things are really effective in maintaining our health, but take note that we can even improve our health by taking in lifestyle supplements. There are lots of benefits and advantages that you can get from these things and if you want to know them, here are some of it.

First, it provides us with the right nutrients that our body needs. There are some supplements that are complete in vitamins and minerals that we can just take everyday for daily sustenance and an example of this is multivitamins. It can keep us away from common illnesses such as fever, cold, coughs, and many more. There are also other supplements that have specific purposes, like weight loss supplements. These kinds of supplements have particular ingredients that are really effective in burning calories and improving the rate of metabolism. Second, these supplements are able to improve our immune systems and other body systems. For example, these supplements can improve our circulatory system which means that the blood would be able to carry the oxygen to the proper parts of the body. This would result to higher energy levels and well-functioning body parts. It can also improve cardiovascular health which can keep us away from serious problems such as hypertension and heart failure. Lastly, some supplements are also able to enhance performances. For example, some supplements are able to increase stamina and power which is very beneficial for athletes and workers who are engaged in strenuous jobs. It is also best for people who easily get tired.

Indeed, these kinds of supplements are really beneficial for us. It is very convenient because we can just take it anytime, anywhere. So for all those people out there, you should take advantage of these supplements because it can really improve your overall health. These are investments and not expenses because if you try to think long term, you will really save a lot because you are healthy. Like the saying goes, prevention is always better than cure.

How To Find The Most Appropriate Weight Management Supplements To Use

July 4, 2013 Posted by Arnold

123 Weight Management SupplementsLosing weight can really be a difficult task to do for it needs a lot of sacrifices and patience on the part of the dieter just to be able to achieve the desired weight. For those who want to gain weight, they may also have some difficulties, but not really as much as those who are trying to lose weight. Losing or gaining weight is a step towards becoming a healthier and more productive person. The better your health condition is, the more you become lively and energetic.

There are a lot of ways on how to lose or gain weight. Commonly, a dieter needs to undergo a certain diet program. This is for the dieter to be able to eliminate the unwanted fats inside his or her body or to be able to build up body mass for those who want to gain weight. For obese individuals, losing weight is really a difficult thing to do since they may have difficulties changing the things they are used on doing such as eating their favorite foods whenever they want to. Performing exercises and certain workouts may also be a burden for them because of their size. That is one reason why most of those overweight individuals choose to undergo a liposuction procedure instead of spending months of dieting, doing workouts, and taking daily weight loss supplements.

But how about those who cannot afford to undergo a liposuction procedure? If you cannot afford to undergo the procedure, then you should be obliged to perform the workouts and undergo a certain diet program. Do not worry, though, as there are now a lot of weight management supplements available in the market that are known to be very efficient in helping people lose weight. There is one thing you have to keep in mind, though; make sure that the weight management supplements you will be using are original products from licensed manufacturers and not from “fly by night” manufacturers who are only up to gaining money quickly and easily.

One sure way for you to be able to find the most appropriate and original weight management supplements to be used is by having yourself checked by your health care provider and asking him or her for a prescription. It is also known to be the most effective way of losing or gaining weight as the health care physician can properly check, evaluate, and monitor your health condition while undergoing a certain diet regimen.

Body Building Supplements: Get In Shape In No Time

June 12, 2013 Posted by Arnold

049 Body Building SupplementsHaving a good physique is one of the things that most people want. And that is why they engage in body building, especially the guys. They want to have a lean, fit, and muscular body simply because it makes them feel good about themselves. It somehow boosts ones self-confidence if your body is in shape. Although this kind of benefit is a good reason to engage in body building, the most important benefit that you can get from it is that it makes our bodies a lot healthier. With body bodybuilding, you get to build up your muscles which is very important because it can help us do our tasks and activities with ease, especially if your someone whose work involves a lot heavy lifting. For those people who have been injured in the past, this is very good for you because you get to strengthen those weak joints. In addition to that, if you get to do the workouts correctly, you can improve your immune system thus helping is avoid those common illnesses that could be detrimental to our health.

With the kind of benefits that body building gives us, there is no reason why we should not try it, but we need to remember that if you want to get in shape, it would take a lot of hard work and determination. Some people give up very easily because it really takes a lot of time to build up those muscles. But there is a solution for that and this is where body building supplements come in. These supplements can aid in building up body mass at a much faster rate. What these supplements actually contain are vitamins, testosterone boosters, amino acids and other nutrients that can help in increasing and building up muscles mass. The most important nutrient that these supplements contain is protein. Its protein content is given at the right dose which can really build up the muscles, because we all know that protein helps in muscle growth and regeneration. It also gives you extra energy so that you can perform your work outs for a longer period of time.

These supplements can really help us achieve our goals a lot faster and as long as it does not harm our bodies, why not try it. But always remember that a balanced diet is also important. Drinking water a lot also helps in blood circulation and re-hydrates our bodies during work outs. Lastly, sleep is the most important of all because after a tiring work out, our bodies need to rest and regenerate.

Get Your Own Natural Supplements

May 21, 2013 Posted by Arnold

126 Natural SupplementsLuckily, nowadays, there are many supplements available to the public for people to choose from. These can be chemical or natural but the more popular ones are tablets which contain natural ingredients. These definitely entice people to get them and involve these with their diet. They can really feel that these can help them change their lives for the better and see to it that they can have the energy to function daily. It is really important because they know that these are what will definitely help them get better. With these, not only will they have energy but they can lose weight too.

Tablets are great ways to have on a diet because these give what your body wants and needs for the day. That way, you know how these can be and see to it that you can get what you need in order to stay healthy. These also aid you when you exercise because you know that it is what they will have in order to make sure that you have the energy. You can ask help to determine what these would be from your trainers or friends because they most likely have tried these already. You just need to see to it that you can see the effects. That way, you know that you can have it for yourself.

Natural ways not only include tablets with natural ingredients but definitely also natural food like fruits and vegetables. This means that it is almost everything because you know that these are what you would like to have for yourself. With this, it is more healthy because it is natural and easily absorbed by the body. These are natural means that a lot of people can have to get for yourself and see to it that you can sustain. That is why you need the tablets because sometimes if not most of the time, the nutrients are not enough from the food. You need the aid of vitamins and minerals. That way, you can be sure that you have what it takes to be more conscious of your diet.

This means that you need to eat in moderation and you would need to make sure that you can do that with the most healthy food. Remember that you can always ask your friends and trainers for help if you are having a hard time with a program. Go and stay healthy for your own good!

What Supplements Do I Take Before I Work Out?

June 27, 2012 Posted by Arnold

According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, supplements are very important to active people, especially those who take part in resistance training and body building. Supplements enhance the development of muscle mass, the promotion of muscle strength and the enhancement of muscle recovery. Taking supplements just before working out has also been found to promote protein synthesis, according to a recent study published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition. Below are some answers to the question, “what supplements do I take before I work out?”

Protein supplements are the most common supplements used by body builders. In order for a particular supplement to be effective, it is paramount that it contains the nine essential amino acids that the body is unable to synthesize. These protein supplements are mainly drawn from dairy or animal sources. These proteins are categorized into five groups depending on the kind of value that they add to the body and their bio-availability. They are milk proteins/micellar protein/calcium cassienate, egg protein, whey protein, soy protein and beef protein which usually comes in form of liver tablets. According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, a good percentage of muscle depletion or breakdown occurs during weight lifting and resistance exercises.

The muscle breakdown results in the depletion of valine, iso-leucine, leucine and branch chain amino acids (BCAA). It is advisable to ingest a protein supplement that is quickly and easily digested by the body such as whey protein just before you hit the gym for your daily workout. Protein forms the basis of most supplements that are recommended for use just before working out. Weight gainers are a careful blend of fats, carbohydrates and proteins. They are especially useful to people who have a high metabolic rate and low body fat. Protein supplements can be taken as protein shakes, tablets, protein powders and protein bars.

Pregnancy Supplements In A Nutshell

June 25, 2012 Posted by Arnold

It is essential that pregnant women know which foods to eat when they are pregnant. The unborn child needs specific nutrients as he grows, but without these, there can be consequences to mother and baby. The weight and health of a baby might not be optimal. The pregnancy might not go as well as planned, or a mother might take longer to recover.

The answer to nutrition questions is to take pregnancy supplements which are readily available and designed specifically for expectant mothers. Two groups satisfy the needs of mom and baby. These include fat-soluble vitamins like K, E, D and A. Another group consists of water-soluble vitamins.

The fat soluble set protects vision, supports the growth of fetal bones and protects those of the mother too. She becomes more vulnerable to osteoporosis and other bone-related disorders during pregnancy. Muscles, hemoglobin and platelets all need to develop properly. These latter two are blood factors responsible for carrying oxygen around the body and clotting blood respectively. If a baby is born prematurely or is born in a crisis situation, a strong blood system could save his life during a traumatic procedure. These factors also protect mom against hemorrhage if her placenta is torn or she has to undergo emergency surgery during the birth.

Where water soluble vitamins are concerned, consumers should be thinking about immunity. Vitamin C, an antioxidant, protects against free radicals, anemia and more. The many B vitamins contribute to a whole range of topics pertaining to hormones such as metabolism and energy. They are also important to the brain, muscles, bones, nervous system, and so on.

Dietary supplements are useful, but eating the right foods is important. Oily fish or capsules containing fish oil will support the growing brain and eyes of an unborn baby if you do not eat fish such as salmon regularly.

Discover The Benefits Of Supplements

June 21, 2012 Posted by Arnold

There can be many benefits to using nutritional supplements, but one of the most important is the fact that they can provide the necessary vitamins and minerals needed for optimum health. Many people do not eat a healthy diet and they can easily be lacking important nutrients; however, with a daily supplement, it is possible to overcome this type of deficiency and ensure that all of your nutritional needs are met.

The benefits of supplements are well documented, but knowing which supplements you need is not always easy to determine. Many people take a multivitamin every day. This type of supplement offers a broad spectrum of vitamins and minerals, but it is not always the most appropriate type of supplement to take. For example, if your doctor orders blood tests to determine any nutritional deficiencies, they might determine that you are lacking in vitamin D, iron or some other nutrient. Taking a supplement aimed specifically at bringing this deficiency up to acceptable levels is an important part of maintaining good health.

There are also supplements that can be used for everything from hyperactivity in children to helping the elderly get a better night’s sleep. The type of supplement you choose will depend on what you are trying to accomplish and the areas where your nutritional levels may be lacking. Children are especially prone to not getting all of the vitamins and minerals they need for a healthy body. Not only do children need a healthy diet in order to ensure proper nutrition for their growing bodies, but these are often the exact individuals who are the pickiest eaters. In fact, some children are so picky; they only eat a very limited variety of foods. Taking supplements can be an excellent way to provide the assurance that everyone from small children to seniors get the proper nutrition needed for a healthy body.

How To Find The Right Supplements For You

June 19, 2012 Posted by Arnold

When you are thinking about taking a supplement it can be hard to figure out which one of them is right for you. This is when you should know how to find the right supplements for you. Once you know how to do this, it will be rather easy for you to have the proper one and know it is helping you instead of hindering you. The first step to do when looking for these is to figure out what kind of results you want to have. Second you should evaluate the amount of time each one allows before you see results. Finally you need to think about the different effects this can have on your body.

The first thing to look for is determine what kind of results you want to have. For example, if you want to boost your immunity then it would not be good to take a muscle lifting supplement. This is the first step and the one which will help you make the best determination on what you should be looking for.

Second you should look at the time each of these require before you can expect to see any results. Now you may have never thought about this before, but if the supplement takes a couple of months, then it may not be good to start it a week before your vacation. However, the opposite may be true and these may start off quickly guaranteeing you have the results in time for your vacation.

Finally you need to consider all the different effects this can have on your body, such as hcg drops restricting you to a 500 calorie diet. By considering this you can know if you are experiencing the changes or not. Without this, you may think the supplement is working for you, but be shocked when you find out it is not working.

Being able to have the proper figure all the time can be more of a challenge then what you realize. This is when you need to know how to locate the right supplement for your body. Once you know this, it is easy to have the best looking body around and the proper supplement.